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Meta-Coach License Renewal

The Meta-Coach license, awarded after rigorous training in Neuro-Semantics and NLP Practitioner skills, certifies professionals in advanced coaching techniques. This certification showcases a commitment to excellence in fostering transformative growth and empowering clients to reach their full potential. Renewing your Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF) license reaffirms your dedication to the highest standards of coaching and your commitment to effecting meaningful change in your clients' lives. Additionally, renewal keeps you connected to and supports the Meta-Coach community, enriching both personal and collective development.

NS Trainers License Renewal

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Certifying Trainer
Non-Certifying Trainer
Modular Trainer


This represents the highest level of licensure, granting the holder permission to teach all approved programs and issue certificates. In addition to completing the Neuro-Semantics Trainer Training (NSTT), the prerequisite for obtaining this license is being a certified NLP Master Practitioner. This licensure not only validates the individual's profound understanding and expertise in both NLP and Neuro-Semantics but also empowers them to significantly contribute to the advancement of others within the Neuro-Semantics field through the provision of official certifications.


This represents a distinguished level of licensure, granting the holder the authority to teach all approved programs. In addition to completing the Neuro-Semantics Trainer Training (NSTT), the prerequisite for obtaining this license is being a certified NLP Master Practitioner. However, unlike the Certifying Trainer license, holders of this Non-Certifying Trainer license do not have the authority to issue certificates. This licensure underscores the individual's profound understanding and expertise in both NLP and Neuro-Semantics. Trainers with this license typically co-train with a Certifying Trainer to facilitate the issuance of certificates or they may conduct training within an organization that does not require international certifications from Neuro-Semantics.


This level of licensure designates the holder as a Modular Trainer, authorized to teach only Module 1: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Module 2: APG (Accessing Personal Genius). The prerequisite for this license is completing the Neuro-Semantics Trainer Training (NSTT). This license not only acknowledges the trainer's expertise in NLP and APG but also strategically prepares their students for Module 3: ACMC (Associate Certified Meta-Coach), focusing on foundational skills. This specialized role is crucial for laying the groundwork in the early stages of a learner's Neuro-Semantics journey, ensuring a strong base for advanced studies.


The "Sabbatical" license is designated for individuals taking a break from training activities for a year to pursue other interests. However, they continue to be an integral part of the community, contributing to the local Institute. This arrangement highlights the value of collaboration and the community's support for personal and collective growth, even during periods of sabbatical.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the license renewal due?

The license renewal for both Meta-Coaches and NS trainers can be paid from Januray till end of March to be in good standing as stated in your license agreement and is valid till the end of December,

What happens if I don't renew by the end of March?

You are no longer a member in good standing of Neuro-Semantics, as outlined in the license agreement you signed during your ACMC and/or NSTT. If you are a Neuro-Semantics trainer, you cannot announce or deliver Neuro-Semantics programs until you renew your license. Additionally, if you are a coach, you can no longer advertise yourself as a Meta-Coach nor use that credential on your social media.

How do the installment options work?

Select the type of license you are renewing, and you will see the available installment options. For instance, if you choose to pay over 10 months, the first payment will be charged to your card immediately, followed by automatic monthly charges for the next 9 months. Although the license is issued on a yearly basis, by opting for installment payments, you agree to divide the total amount over the period of your installment plan. Please note that you are committing to the full amount, which may slightly increase to cover administrative fees associated with handling the installments.

Can I renew my license automatically every year?

Soon we will have this option.

Have more questions?

if you have more questions or need help with your license renewal, please email 

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